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Golfing in old-time Phoenix

If your golf is as bad as mine, you may want to distract yourself by thinking about golf in old-time Phoenix. And my favorite course is the Ingleside Club, nowadays called the Arizona Country Club.

No, I've never played there, nor could I ever afford to be a member, and besides, I would hate to stink up that beautiful course with my terrible golf. I've never felt all that bad about shanking into the rough at Cave Creek, whose only history is that it used to be landfill, by the way.

Time travel with me to 1911 Phoenix. Well, actually back then the Ingleside Club was waaaayy outside of the Phoenix City Limits. It was, and is, at Thomas Road and 56th Street. The weather is nice, not because it was actually much cooler in Phoenix in 1913, but because we're wealthy enough to only be there in the winter. There were a lot of places like that in the Phoenix area, which were only open for "the season", including the Biltmore.

In front of the Ingleside Inn in the 1930s

The name Ingleside lives on in the middle school nearby, by the way. Ingleside was like a lot of communities that had their own identify before the city of Phoenix annexed them, like Alhambra, and Sunnyslope, and which were at one time waaaaay out in the country.

I've played a lot of golf in Phoenix, Arizona. And I have the advantage of "selective memory", so I usually only remember my best shots. But just being on a golf course in Phoenix is good enough for me!

Image at the top of this post: hand-tinted photo from a postcard of the Ingleside Club, Phoenix, Arizona. Now the Arizona Country Club.

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