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Sunnyslope and Cactus Business Directory from the 1950s

I've had this directory since I rescued it from the dumpster when I was working for Valley National Bank, which became Bank One, in 1992. I've looked pretty carefully for a date on this publication, but never found one. If you see one, please let me know. Based on the cars and the buildings, I am estimating late 1950s. That's a 1958 Chevrolet pickup there making the turn in the photo on the front cover, so the earliest this publication could be would be 1957, if that truck was brand new then. The vantage point of the photo is looking east on Dunlap at about 3rd Street. The mountains are the same now, but that's about it! Dang, how embarassing that they misspelled Sunnyslope (Sunsyslope) on the front cover right under Ambulance Service. If I misspell anything on this page, you can send me a correction. For them, it lasts forever. A drawback of print! The building at the far right of the photo is AAA Furniture. In the circle it says Westinghouse Appliances. It's interesting that AJ Bayless didn't advertise in this directory. I guess they didn't have to. AJ Bayless was bought out by Bashas years ago, and all that is left of the name is AJs, which is now an upscale grocery store.

Page 2. Skyliner Aparments, Refrigerated, Heated Pool, Ultra Modern. It says 239 N. 7th Street, but it should be 9239 N. 7th Street. Skyline Vista Homes, Joe T. Bailey, Construction and Realty. Skyline Vista Homes are between 8th and 10th Street, from Alice to the canal. Metropolitan Fire Department at 8829 N. Central, which is the Sunnyslope Auto - Parts & Machine as of this writing. The Metropolitan Fire Department had 3 trucks and one emergency car, 3500 gallons of water on trucks, 1 mile of hose, first-aid equipment, 3-way radios, and apparently six arms per man. It looks like it served north to Bell Road, west to 27th Avenue, south to Bethany Home Road, then it jogged to Olive (It says Olive, not Dunlap, on this map because back then Dunlap began east of Central) then east to, uh, I can't tell. I guess you just hoped that you didn't have a fire! Before I paid the "low annual fee" I would want to know if my house was covered! It was franchised by Arizona Corporation Commission as a Public Service Utility. Lundberg-Hansen Mortuary, 24 Hour Ambulance Service, Every Sickroom Need, Oxygen, Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds, Walkers, Medicinal Gases, Central and Dunlap.

Page 3. Valley National Bank, Sunnyslope Office, 501 E. Dunlap, One Bank Serves All Arizona, 50 friendly offices, Resources $484 Million. Hey, remember that this was in the 1950s, that was a lot of money back then! The Sunnyslope Funeral Home was at 15 E. Olney Lane. I'm not familiar with that address, are you? There's a drawing of the building and also a photo with a station wagon parked in front of it. It says, Ralph L. Sage, 4526 E. Weldon with a telephone number WI 5956, call after 6. Duffy's Cocktail Lounge looks pretty cheerful at 9012 Cave Creek Road.

Page 4. A-1 Air Conditioning, 9023 Cave Creek Road. Berkshire Air Conditioning, heating - cooling - sheet metal, 8911 N. Central. Fletcher Heating & Cooling, Arctic Circle Air Coolers, Now with Microglas, 1637 W. Ironwood. Valley-Air Apartments, Desert Living, New, furnished three rooms, Refrigerated, Gas or Electric Heat, One block North of Bell Road on Cave Creek Road, Very Reasonable Rates. Karg Patio Apartments, Completely Furnished, Modern - Air Conditioned, TV Hook-ups - on bus route, 9629 N. 15th Ave. Miller Apartments, 9301 Cave Creek Road, Newtown-Lee Refrigerated Apartments, 9801 N. Central, Approved Appliance Co., 326 E. Dunlap, Bell Road Auto Repair & Service Station, Automatic Transmission Service, Bell Road & 26th St. Bud's Radiators, We Repair Radiators And Repair Em Good!, Welding, Home PHone, 14 East Townley at 8900 North Central. Charley's Garage, 1300 W. Hatcher. Cook's Auto Electric, Refrigeration - Starters - Generators - Carburetors - Radio - Distributors - Motor Tuning, 5 E. Dunlap. Dick's Body Shop, "you wreck 'em we fix 'em", E.F. (Dick) Dormire, R.C. Dormire, 8713 North Central Avenue. Hatcher Road Auto Wrecking, 1300 W. Hatcher, Heppler & Sons, 9650 Cave Creek Rd.

As you can see, this directory is meant to be read top-to-bottom as a two-page spread sideways. I scanned in each page separately, so if I missed anything, please tell me!

Page 4, section 2. Franklin Cooling and Heating, Built to Last, Arctic Circle Air Coolers, Free Estimates, Liberal Trade-Ins, Duct Work & Supplies, We Give Gold Bond Stamps, 206 E. Alice. Lundberg Hansen Mortuary Ambulance Service, 2 E. Dunlap. Sunnyslope Funeral Home Ambulance Service, 15 E. Olney Lane. Seems like the only ambulance service available was from funeral homes, hmmm. Stuck's Handloading & Supply, Powder - Primers - Bullets, Custom Loading, Roy T. Stuck, 9011 N. 13th Street. Antique Shop & Second Hand Goods, 327. Sunny Swap Shop, 9025 Cave Creek Road. Approved Appliance Co., Authorized Dealer for Blackstone - Easy - Hot Point - Maytag - RCA - Whirlpool, Repairing on all makes, 326 E. Dunlap. Easy? Desert Paintings, In Oil & Pastels, Portraits from Photographs, Hand Painted in Pastels, Fred Lovret, Cave Creek Rd. & Adams Rd. Brown and Gerlach Auto and Home Supply, Napa National Automotive Parts Association, 9017 Cave Creek Road. Bell Road Auto Repair & Station, Bell Road. Heppler and Son's Body Shop, Body and Fender Bumping, Complete Auto Painting, 9650 Cave Creek Road. Merrifield's Garage, Specializing in Motors, Brakes Tune Ups, Parts, Sales and Service, Open Sunday, 8819 N. 7th St.

Page 5. Pat's Garage, Complete Automotive Repair, 743 W. Hatcher. Shamrock Garage, 1103 Mountain View. Sunnyslope Body and Paint Shop, Sunnyslope Auto Upholstery, 742 E. Dunlap. Valley Pie Company, 728 E. Dunlap. The Gold Bug, Cold Beer - Wine, "Where Old Friends Meet", Jeri and Lloyd, 9210 Cave Creek Road. Tumbleweed Tavern, Beer - Wine, Dancing Friday & Saturday Nite, 950 W. Hatcher. The Wagon Yard, Beer - Wine, Coldest Beer West of the Pecos, 2625 East Bell Road, Paradise Valley. I'm not kidding, it says Paradise Valley! C. B. Beauty Shop, 315 E. Dunlap. Lola's Beauty Shop, Permanents $7.50 up, 8335 N. 7th Street. Mary Lee's Beauty Shop, 307 W. Hatcher. There must have been a lot of beautiful women in Sunnyslope! Home Builder's Supply 10444 Cave Creek Road. O'Malley's, 30 E. Dunlap. Sunny Lumber Company, 9104 Cave Creek Road.

Page 5, section 2. Valley National Bank, 501 E. Dunlap. Al Troga, Barber, 910 Cave Creek Road. Bud's Barber Shop, 10008 Cave Creek Road. Charlie's Sunnyslope Barber Shop, 342 E. Dunlap. J.C Barber Shop, 715 W. Hatcher. Pioneer Barber Shop, 3144 E. Bell Road. Sally's Barber Shop, 9411 N. Central. Skyline Barber Shop, 8313 N. 7th Street. Steve's Barber Shop - Directly in front of Post Office. Now that is a small town business address! Bud and Donna's Tavern, 733 E. Walter Lane. As you can see, not one of those fancy-pants places! The Farm House Tap Room, 9658 Cave Creek. Mary Lee's Beauty Salons, 338 E. Dunlap. Maxine's Beauty Room, 337 E. Dunlap. You can see Maxine's on the cover. Skyline Beauty Salon, 8311 N. 7th Street. I'm seeing a lot of the use of Skyline here in Sunnyslope! Ace Bookkeeping Services, 9144 Cave Creek Road. H.A. French Lumber, 2637 E. Bell Road. Sunnyslope Building Supply (or Builders Supply, depending on if you look at the listing or the ad), 9207 N. Cave Creek Road. Gil's Drilling Service, 13th Avenue and Hatcher Road. Sunnyslope Drilling Co., Cesspool and Septic Tank Service. There are two addresses - Rt. 2, box 122 and the home of R.V. (Dick) Pettit, 11832 N. 30th Place, which is 30th Street just south of Cactus - this guy must have lived waaaay out in the country!

Page 6. B-Neat Cleaners, 514 E. Dunlap, We give Security Stamps, No Extra Charge for Rush Orders, Pickup and Delivery. Apparently things were better back then! Ray Bartoli's Sunnyslope Cleaners, 13 W. Hatcher. They gave orange premium stamps! Joseph Fusco Memorial Clinic, Donald M. Fusco, MD, Gordon Geisler, MD, William E. Burns, DDS, John R. Fawcett, DDS, Heinz Hochrein, MD, 301 Hatcher. Sunnyslope Clinic, S.M. Weisman, MD, Sam Cohen, MD, Ellis Grey, MD, John Wrzesinski, MD, 526 E. Dunlap. Clinic, Zone Therapy, Reflexology, V. Magnet, ZT, 9325 N. 7th Street. Buckey's Apparel, 9405 N. Central. Charles E. (Red) Wagoner, Licensed Building Contractor, 35 W. Hatcher Road. John F. Vickers, Contractor, 2411 W. Belmont. JT Baily Construction, N. 7th Street. Century Builders, Cactus. This would have been Cactus, Arizona, not the street. Take a close look at their ad. Dip Dunk 'n' Draw Drive-In, 8510 N. 7th Street. The Corner Drive-In, Wally and Don, 201 E. Dunlap. Maddox Drugs, 9403 N. Central. Sunnyslope Rexall Drug, Corner of 7th Street and Dunlap, Ralph Granados Jr. Ph G. Sys' Pharmacy 516 E. Dunlap.

Page 6, section 2. Buckley's Apparel Shop, "Quality in-every Garment", Plenty of Parking Space - Self Service - Nationally Advertised Merchandise, 9405 N. Central. Ellen Marie's, 544 E. Dunlap. Nasif's Ladies & Children's Wear, 518 E. Dunlap. B-J Construction Co., General Contractors, Remodeling & Residential, New Construction - Small Commercial - Concrete Work, Alva L. Burris, 1529 Desert Cover Road, James L. Jacobs 10240 N. 13th Avenue. Charles E (Red) Wagoner, 35 W. Hatcher. Williams E. Burns, DDS, John R. Fawcett, 301 W. Hatcher. Dr. K.A. Kervest, MD, Dr. C.F. Risser, MD,9221 N. Central. Murray Rosen, MD, 319 E. Dunlap. Seymour M. Weisman, MD, Sam Cohen, MD, Ellis Gray, MD, John Wrzesinski, MD, 626 E. Dunlap. Henry D. Esch, DD, Chiropractor, 8112 N.7th Street, C.H. Walrab, DC, Chiropractor, 46 W. Hatcher. E.L. Walrab, ND, Nauropathic Physician, (Full Spine Adjustments), 46 W. Hatcher. H.C. Purtzer, DO, Osteopathic Physician, 38 W. Dunlap, Donald M. Ross, DO, Osteopathic Physician, 109 E. Dunlap. Arts (pure beef) Hamburgers, 19 cent burger, Fish - Chips - Fries, Thick Malts & Shakes, Corner of Dunlap & Cave Creek Road. Note the drawing of the hamburger and another 19 cents, this time with an arrow, to be sure. Sy's Pharmacy, Prescriptions, Drugs - Medical Supplies - Prompt Free Delivery. 516 E. Dunlap. Sunnyslope Egg Ranch, Direct From Hens To You, Fresh, you bet, 1500 E. Dunlap. This was were Dunlap dead-ends into the mountain. It looks like they recently built some condos there - I hope no one is haunted by the ghosts of chickens past! Fabric Studio, Finest Selection of Dress Good and Drapery Fabrics, Patterns and Trims, Etc., Louise & Shirley Steinhogg, 625 W. Hatcher Road. Desert Feed Store, 1139 W. Hatcher. The Hobby Doctor Shop, 619 W. Hatcher.

Page 7. The Hobby Doctor Shop, Art Dubberstein, Specializing in Idea Development, 619 W. Hatcher. Hey, I really like this place! Flynn Florists, 11 W. Hatcher. Metropolitan Fire Department. These guys again! Yahnel Floors and Blinds. Dip, Dunk 'n' Draw, where teenagers have fun!, 621 Hatcher Road. AAA Furniture, 331 E. Dunlap. You can see their sign on the front cover photo. Budget Furniture, Ed Jarzabek, owner, No High Overhead, No High Rent, No Salesman to Pay, Bank Terms, 9914 Cave Creek Rd. Sunny Furniture Co., for Gayer, Brighter, Easier, Living, Your Source of National Brands, 500 E. Dunlap. T and Z Sales, new and used home furnishings, Tom and Zula, owners, 13630 Cave Creek Road, Cactus (the town, not the road). Checker Front Grocery, 303 E. Dunlap. F & J Market, Central and Hatcher. Joe's Market, Try Us First - We Have It, The Finest of Steaks Cut the Way You Like Them, 1111 W. Hatcher. Keeton's Save-Way Market, Bargains Galore at your Cactus Store, Cactus, Arizona. Santopietro and Sons, 9803 Cave Creek. Wabash Grocery, Fresh Produce - Frozen Foods - Sundries, 12th Street and Hatcher.

Page 7, section 2. Brunk's Furniture, Sunnyslope's oldest established furniture store, Specializing in The Better Used Furniture, 9001 Cave Creek Road. Steve's Furniture and Appliances, New - Used - Bicycle Parts - Tires - Tubes, Buy - Sell - Trade - Anything, 940 W. Hatcher. Checker Front Grocery, Oldest in Sunnyslope, Closed Sunday, 303 E. Dunlap. Circle K Market, Fast Self Service, 7 Days a Week, 3835 N. 7th Street. I guess if you needed something on Sunday, you had to drive down 7th Street to past Indian School! Coleman's Store and Chevron Service, Groceries - Meats - Soft Drinks - Gas - Oil, Cactus, the Gate to Paradise, 13416 Cave Creek Road. Paradise City was a little community at Bell Road and Cave Creek. You can see it on the map on the last page of this directory. No, I had never heard of it, either. B&B Hardware, 615 W. Hatcher. Mike Barra Hardware, 217 E. Dunlap. Sunnyslope Dairy Queen, 529 E. Dunlap. Clair F. Schumacher Agency, Insurance, 527 E. Dunlap. Warren Roeder Insurance Agency, 13607 Cave Creek. Paul's Jewelry, 526 E. Dunlap. Marr Lawn Service, 7036 N. 15th Street, Moon Valley. This is at 15th Street just north of Glendale Avenue, not what I would think of as Moon Valley, but I guess they did back then. Model Laundry, Wet Wash, Rough Dry, Hand Finish, Self Service, 524 E Dunlap. The New Sunny Laundromat, Wash - Dry - Ironing - Dry Cleaning, Pickup and Delivery, Junie Bradley, 9415 N. Central.

Page 8. 20 cent Laundromat (dryers 10 cents), No Phone, 8235 N. 7th Street Very Best Launderette, 611 W. Hatcher. Forrest T. Hoyt, Lawyer, 521 E. Dunlap. Robert Kastersmith, Lawyer, 540 E. Dunlap. Sam's Liquors, 7th St. & Dunlap. Exchange Finance Co., Loans to $600 - Auto - Furniture - Salary, 523 E. Dunlap. Southwest Machinery & Equipment Co., Mill - Smelter Machinery and Supplies - Sales - Leases, We Specialize in Lease-backs, 9637 Cave Creek Rd. S & S Meat Market, 333 E. Dunlap. Grimstead's Evergreen Nursery, 300 E. Dunlap. Nelson's Nursery, 1733 W. Desert Cove. Sunnyslope Paint & Wallpaper Swap Shop, also known as Sunnyslope Paint & Wallpaper Store, Free estimates for painting and papering, Plumbing & Electrical Supplies, We swap for anything of value to us 9211 Cave Creek Rd. B-L-S Contracting Co., Inc. Asphalt Paving - Oiling - Seal Coating, Driveways, Patios our Specialty, Nothing Too Large or Too Small, 649 W. Hatcher. Edward S. Kelton Co., Contractor, 11015 Cave Creek. Quality Plumbing Co., 9204 N. 13th Ave. Whyman Plumbing, Inc. - Specializing in Service Calls - distributor for Rheem Hot Water Heaters. 11205 North Cave Creek Road. A-bar-V Realty & Insurance, W. F. Skinner, Realtor, "Your Iowa Home Mutual Agent", 9144 Cave Creek Rd. Al Beauchamp Realty, 527 E. Dunlap. Caro Realty Co., 13202 Cave Creek Road. Cholla Realty, 540 E. Dunlap. Cockrill Realty & Insurance, 8839 N. 7th St., 9316 N. Center. Center?

Page 8, section 2. S & S Meat Market. Freezer Meats a Specialty. We specialize in Home Made Sausage - Varieties, Also Locker Beef - Cut & Wrapped for Freezers, 333 E. Dunlap. Sunnyslope Transfer Movers, Freight - Baggage - Household Goods - Day or Night, 8846 N. Wayside St. The Sunnyslope Journal, 720 E. Dunlap. Sunnyslope News, Larson Printing, Printing - Advertising, Robert S. Larson, Editor and Publisher, 336 E. Dunlap. (Continuation of the ad for Edward S. Kelton Co. on page 8) E.S. Kelton, Pearle R. Kelton, Excavating, Tree Removal, Equipment Rental, Paving Granite, Grading, General Engineering Contractors, 11015 Cave Creek. Eisenstein Photography, also Photography by Esenstein, Portraits, Theatrical, Weddings, Commercial, Architectural, 111 W. Hatcher Road. Acme Plumbing, North Phoenix and Sunnyslope area, Specializing in Repairing and Remodeling, "Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee", Plumbing fixtures and water heaters, Dave Thomas, 1111 E. Townely. There is a number for night and one for day, I guess Dave never sleeps! (Continuation of ad for Cockrill Realty), showing their building. The buildings in Sunnyslope aren't spectacular, but there does appear to be plenty of convenient parking, as advertised! O.U. Farmer, 16121 Cave Creek Road. Lauer and Augustine Desert Lands Realty, Trailerlands, Inc., Finest land buys in all of Paradise Valley, as well as Deer & Moon-Valley... office corner Bell Road and Cave Creek Road. Marino Realy, Specializing in Paradise Valley - Acreage - Lots - Homes - Ranches - Subdivisions, 2501 E. Bell Road. Mount Realty, 8337 N. 7th Street, Sunnyslope Realty 13607 Cave Creek Road, Wilson Realty.

Page 9. J. Earl Wilson Complete Realty Service, Homes - Business - Mountain Homes - Insurance, 9402 North Central Avenue. Lee Colling Refrigeration, 215 E. Dunlap. Chas Roberts Air Conditioning, Installation, Maintenance, Refrigeration, Residential, Commercial, Carrier, 9828 N. 19th Avenue. The new invention of air conditioning must have made a big difference to this community, for those who could afford it! The Blue Teepee Restaurant, Breakfast, Dinners, You must come up and see us sometime!, Fish & Chips - Tenderloin Tip Hamburgers, Hol'n One Donuts - Good Coffee, 2644 E. Bell Road. Not in Sunnyslope, but it sounds like it would have been worth the trip! McBride's Cafe, Chicken Dinners Saturday & Sunday, International Lion's Club meets 7:30 Thursday, 9145 Cave Creek Road. Rock Shop Gem Stone Tumbling, 9921 Cave Creek Road. Four Leaf Clover Trading Post Second Hand Store, 9827 Cave Creek. The Swap Shop Second Hand Store, 16423 Cave Creek Road. Big Bill's Service Service Station, 10749 Cave Creek Road. Sunset Service, the best gas for less, 10749 Cave Creek Road. Great picture of the station! Callison & Hesto Dixie Service, 8849 N. 7th St. Jake Wagner, Mobil Service, Expert Lubrication, 9123 Cave Creek Road. Another great old gas station! I'll bet they pumped the gas for you, cleaned the windshield and checked the oil. Jerry's Texaco Service, Security Stamps, AAA Emergency Service, 9324 North Central. You can see S Mountain in the background of this picture. Jiggs Phillips Chevron Service 8930 N. 7th Street. Jim's Richfield Service, Lubrication - Tune Ups, 7th Street and Dunlap.

Page 9, section 2. Conley's Cafe, Home Cooking, Home Made Pies, Southern Fried Chicken, 9112 N. 7th Street. Freddie & Esther's Cafe, "Try our Tasty Roast Beef!", Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner, 334 E. Dunlap. Nice photo of the interior, looks like they could use a few customers! Frenchy's Shrimp House, Hatcher and Cave Creek Road. Graff's Fish & Chips, Center of Cactus, Arizona. Saddle Rock Cafe, Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner, Sandwiches - Short Orders, Open from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm, Let us Serve You, 719 W. Hatcher. This restaurant looks like the place in Sunnyslope! The two pictures looks like "dark suit guy" got kicked out for smoking that big cigar. Light suit guy is waving to him. C & M Service, Tune Up - Brake Service, Gas 29.9 cents - 32.9 cents, Bulk Oil 50 cents Gallon, 9501 N. 19th Avenue. This ad has a sad-looking cartoon car on crutches that says "Call Us". Erdman's Richfield, We appreciate your purchase of "Years ahead Richfield Petroleum Products", "We Guarantee" Our Work, 9325 North Central. I often warned my Graphic Design students to be careful with quotations marks, because it kind of sounds like someone is crossing their fingers behind their back. The graphic that looks like a Harley-Davidson logo with the eagle says, Richfield. The other graphic is of a key and the only words that I can make out are Green Stamps. Frost Sunset Services, Lubrication our Specialty, Sunset Deluxe, 9502 N. 7th Street. (Continued from the previous page) Brake Work by Jim's Richfield Service, 7th Street and Dunlap. Lancaster Combat Service, Complete Mechanic Service, Car Service that pleases, 649 and 748 W. Hatcher Road. I wonder what the story is here, maybe they were GIs? Mundis Texaco Service, Complete Marfak Lubrication, Dupont Spray Glazing, 8502 N. 7th Street. Osborne's Richfield Service, Road Service, Free Pickup and Delivery, Security Savings Stamp, 1205 E. Northern. There's that Richfield logo again, pretty cool.

Page 10. Paul's Texaco Service, Brake Service & Tune Ups, Marfax Lubrication, 9105 Cave Creek Road. Dreamy Draw Mobil Service, Light Adjusting, Ray Davis, Proprietor, We Give Green Stamps, 1202 E. Northern. Sells Gulf Service, For that Good Gulf Gas & Gulf Pride Motor Oil, Free Lubrication or Car Wash with each 100 Gallons of Gas Purchased, 145 West Hatcher Road. Young's Gulf Service, Tires - Batteries, Lubrication, 510 E. Dunlap. Arrow Sheet Metal, 8911 N. Central. Chuck's Shoe Repair, 9011 N.3rd Street. Ace Sport Shop, Live Bait, Fishing Tackle, Archery and Tennis, Spaulading and Wilson Athletic Goods, New and Used Guns, 339 E. Dunlap. Paradise Stables, Horseback Riding, Low Rates, By Hour or Day, Group or All Day Riding, Off Cave Creek Road, 1 Mile North of Bell, turn right. Melluzzo Stone Co., Suppliers of Distinctive Stone, 9241 N. 10th Street, Sunnyslope Taxi, 322 E. Dunlap. Bell Electric Televisions, 32nd Street and Bell. Schaeffer's TV Service, Small Electric Appliances, 9425 7th Street. Sunnyslope Tire Co., Guaranteed Tire Recapping, Tubeless Tires Recapped and Guaranteed As Tubeless at Reasonable Prices. All sizes - from 5.20-13 - 700-16 - 7.50-14 - 9.50-14, Including all Sports Car Tires, 510 1/2 E. Dunlap. Dock's White Way Garage, 24 Hour Towing, If No Answer call AI 3-6143, Your nearest ACC Approved rates are cheapest, 8815 N. 7th St. Mountain View Trailer Court, Adults and Late Teens Only, Large Patio - take 10' Wide, No Pets - F.M. Luther, 9636 N. 15th Avenue. This is at 15th Avenue and Purdue, looks like it's still there.

Page 10, section 2. Arrow Sheet Metal, Heating - Cooling - Installations, Arctic Circle Coolers, Sheet Metal Experts, C.A. Sonnenburg, Manager, 8911 N. Central (the address is on the previous page). Karam's Red Goose Shoes, Comfort assured in Red Goose Shoes. No matter what the occasion, Red Goose Shoes are favorites ... for fit ... and for long wear, "Where to Buy Them", We Give S&H Green Stamps, 7th St., & Dunlap. H.E. Moyer, Your Custom Clothing Salesman, Custom made shirts, Real Silk Hosiery Line, Direct from Factory to You, Mason Velvet-eez, Shoes, Knapp Aerofred Arch Adjustor, 9625 Arroya Vista Drive. Now that seems like a strange business in Sunnyslope! (Continuation from previous page) Bell Electric, Electrical Contracting - Radio and TV Repairs - Hotpoint Appliances - RCA Television, 32 and Bell Road. Cerv's Radio & Television, 28 Years Experience, Tubes Tested Free, Sales and Service, Motorola, 9027 Cave Creek Road. I always thought that "Motorola" was a very 1950s-sounding company name, and it's still around today! Donn's TV Service, 617 W. Hatcher. Louis Clingan Radio and Television Service, Television and Radio, 13602 Cave Creek. Quick TV Service, Charles W. Brooks, Specializing in Expert Television Repair, 12:30 to 8 PM, 9432 Cave Creek Road. Some cool vehicles parked there! Shcaeffers TV, 13602 Cave Creek Road. Wabash Trailer Court, 9418 7th Street. Dock's White Way Trailer Sales, DeVille Trailers, 8815 N. 7th Street. Pakan Furniture Manufacturers, Upholstering, 10016 Cave Creek Road. Countryside Veterinary Hospital, 8841 N. Central. Davis Watch & Jewelry Repair, Costume Jewelry, Billfolds, Western Ties, Novelties, 712 W. Hatcher. Mast Watch Repair, 307 E. Dunlap. Osborn and Hamilton, 532 E. Dunlap. Cactus Manufacturing Co., Welding, 10714 Cave Creek Road.

Page 11. R. Hammer Well Drilling, Domestic and Ranch Wells, 4" to 12", Clean out and Deepening, all work guaranteed, Licensed Contractor, 46 El Molinda Circle. You have to keep in mind that Sunnyslope was not part of The Salt River Project. The only way that you could get water was from a well, there was no hookup to SRP. That's why when you cross The Arizona Canal on Central Avenue going north today, you see the neighborhood change so abruptly. It used to be much, much worse! A steady supply of water made the land below the canal very valuable, above it, not at all. Water makes all the difference in the world here in the desert! There is a very carefully written index on this page, showing exactly what page and column each advertiser is on. I wonder if anybody ever used it? Published and compiled by Norm's Publishing House, For information regarding this or future publications, call WO 7-2780 or write to Norm's Publishing House, 1089 West First Street, Tempe, Arizona. Personally, I think it was a dirty trick having this printed out of town. Look at page 8, section 2, there were two printers right there in Sunnyslope, and I can't imagine that this job would have been too big for them, they both printed newspapers! Well, I suppose the out-of-town printer gave them a better price or something. That's what happens to small towns, spend the money elsewhere and the town suffers.

Page 12. Hatcher Rd. Dept. Store, Ready to Wear, Lee Riders and Work Clothes, Clothes and Shoes, Western Wear for the Entire Family. Open every day - all hours. I wonder what all hours meant? As of this writing, this building is now The Carniceria Dos Hermanos Dollar Store and More. Don't be too sad, though, I doubt whether this store was ever that impressive. I see that they did a night shot to try to make it look a little more glamorous. Still, it was probably an important store at the time. Note the drawing of the kids - the kid on the left has the traditional old style of wearing bluejeans, rolled up at the cuffs, the other kid is going with the more "tailored" style. It also looks like at the last minute they decided to show a map, which was hand-drawn, and not very neatly. Yahnel Floors & Blinds, 8705 N. Central, Venetial Blind Cleaning & Repairing, Armstrong Quaker Floor Covering, Hako, Vinylflex, Asphalt Tile, Artic Circle Air Coolers, for Efficient Low-Cost Cooling of All Types of Buildings, Including - Residences - Hotels and Motels - Stores - Super Markets - Offices - Schools - Churches - Factories. Artic Circle Coolers are built to the highest standard of quality by the world's largest manufacturer of evaporative cooling equipment. They have demonstrated their superior efficiency in hundreds of installations in all types of buildings.

Back cover. Check out the location of Paradise City, and Cactus. I have old maps that do have the community of Cactus labelled, but nothing anywhere that says *Paradise City*. Also note North Phoenix Airport at Cactus Road and Cave Creek, and Paradise Airport just south of Peoria Avenue west of 19th. Also, back then Shea Boulevard connected up with Northern and went to down to Myrtle. Dunlap is shown as Olive, which, at the time of this map, extended to Central Avenue, then became Dunlap. I love the little 1950s cowgirl cartoon drawing! I wonder who the artist was?

After scanning this in, I donated the original of this booklet to the Sunnyslope Historical Society and Museum, 737 E. Hatcher Road, Sunnyslope.

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