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Support for the Gay Community in Phoenix

Even though I'm a straight guy (or a *grim* as my gay friends in California may have called me), I support the Gay Community. I mean, really, how can you not? Especially in Phoenix, where this community has pretty much been responsible for the rebirth of historic neighborhoods, and downtown Phoenix.

No, I don't hang out in these places, I'm usually in cyberspace. But when I go history adventuring I am absolutely amazed at what I see. Nowadays very few people remember when Phoenix didn't look like it does now, with trendy restaurants in historic areas, and in the downtown area.

When I lived in Los Angeles, in the 1980s, I knew a lot of gay people. I also knew black people, rich people, poor people, tall people, short people. I knew people who spoke a different language than mine, people who had different religions. But, to my surprise, when I moved back to Phoenix in 1989, it seemed as if everyone had to pretend that everyone was the same. The concept of *diversity* was pretty much an unknown concept in Arizona. At least that's how an old Californian like me saw it.

If the only thing that you know about someone who has a different lifestyle from you is what you have heard, it's time to find out for yourself. Phoenix does have a diverse population, and always has. It's just now that we're allowed to talk about it.

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