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The model homes of Maryvale

If you're a time-traveler, like me, you like to imagine neighborhoods when they were brand new, especially the model homes. And I often wonder if people who are living in the houses that were built decades ago have any idea that there was a time when people gasped with astonishment at the beauty and modernity of their particular home.

There are a lot of neighborhoods in the Phoenix area, and usually it's just about impossible to figure out where the models homes were, but it's a good challenge. In my little neighborhood, in Glendale, I figured out where the model homes are, which are closer to the main street, considerably larger than most of the homes that were built around it, and have fancier roofs (an option that I guess no one in the neighborhood wanted to pay for!). I like trying to figure this stuff out, and going time-traveling, or history adventuring, as I call it.

Now waitaminute here, before you go exploring and looking for model homes, remember that there are people living in them that have no idea what you are looking at. Please resist the temptation to get out of your car, look around, and please don't even think about taking a photo of someone's house!

In the photo above you can see one of the Model homes of Maryvale in the 1960s. It was one of John F. Long's Candlelight Homes. By the way, that's the Maryvale Golf Course across the street there, which is as of this writing being restored by Grand Canyon University, who will use it as their home golf course.

By the way, I have friends who grew up in Maryvale. Thank you for history adventuring with me. The more I do it, the more I learn, and the more I love living in Phoenix.

The Greatest Home Show on Earth, Maryvale.

John F. Long (at left) with Maryvale spokesman Ronald Reagan (before he became President)

Maryvale Shopping City in the 1960s

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