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Who the Mary of Maryvale was

Maryvale is a community in Phoenix that goes from Camelback Road to McDowell and about the Agua Fria River to 43rd Avenue. It was built by John F. Long, who created it as a master planned community. His incentive to do so was the critical lack of housing for the people who were moving to Phoenix after World War II, especially the servicemen who were starting new families.

I have friends who grew up in Maryvale. And as a history adventurer, Maryvale has always fascinated me, and I'm always interested in learning more. And the best place to start is with who Maryvale was named after, Mary P. (Tolmachoff) Long, the wife of John F. Long. Yes, the same Tolmachoff family that has the farm at 75th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

Today a friend of mine took me on a tour of Maryvale, including seeing the new construction near Grand Canyon University. And it's the first time I'd seen Marivue Park, which is on Osborn.

I'm fascinated with the names of things. Names of cities, names of streets. And some of them really don't mean anything. But Maryvale meant a lot. And the next time you're at the Maryvale Baseball Stadium, stop and smell the roses, and note the plaque there at the entrance, and think of Mary.

John F. Long and Mary, the Mary of Maryvale.

The roses at Maryvale Baseball Park

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