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Donofrio's, Cactus Candy, and the Ellingson Building in Phoenix, Arizona

If you were a kid in 1916, you have fond memories of Donfrio's Cactus Candy at Washington and Cactus Way (just east of Central on the south side of Washington). The building itself, called the Ellingson building, which was from territorial times, survived until it was torn down in the 1970s. At the time the building was taken down, brick by brick, and put in storage, because of its historic significance, to be rebuilt elsewhere later. This never happened. Parts of this building are still in private collections to this day.

The Ellingson Building in 1899 (the beige building at left). You're looking west on Washington from 1st Street.

The Ellingson Building in 1916

The Ellingson Building in the 1950s

The Ellingson Building in the 1960s

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History Adventuring blog posts are shared there daily, also there's "then and now" photos, billboards, aerials, and super high-resolution photos of historic Phoenix, Arizona