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Horseless carriages in 1904 Phoenix

It's 1904 and horseless carriages (automobiles) are beginning to arrive in Phoenix. Let's go take a look.

This is the northwest corner of Washington and 1st Avenue, in front of the Fleming Building. I can't tell if the expression of the man sitting on the Express Cart is disapproving or not, but his horse is definitely shaking its head. He may not be happy about the amount of bicycles that have been appearing in Phoenix in recent years, either. Gul-darn contraptions! Get a horse!

Horseless carriages in front of the Phoenix National Bank in 1904, northwest corner of Washington and 1st Avenue.

Speaking for myself, I've always been fascinated with new technology. I'd like to believe that I would have been one of the people who would have been an early adopter of the horseless carriage. If I couldn't afford one, maybe I'd just go look at them, and dream.

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