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How Ventura, California got its name

Ventura, California got its name from the Mission that was built there, in 1872, by the Franciscans. The full name is Mission San Buenaventura, which is Spanish for Saint Bonadventure.

Saint Bonadventure was a 13th Century Franciscan, and Bonadventure means "Good Fortune" in Italian.

Like most of the cities in California, Ventura has been shorted in modern use. In fact, Los Angeles was, believe it or not, originally called "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles." Like Ventura, it was established when California was part of New Spain.

I've heard Ventura pronounced "Ven-Tura" and "Ven-CHura", and while both are OK, most locals seem to prefer the first one.

The Franciscans, by the way, built Missions all of the way from San Diego to San Francisco. San Francisco was named for Saint Francis of Assisi, who gave the name to the order.

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