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Excellence of design - Phoenix freeways

As a Graphic Design teacher, people often asked me where they could go to see great Graphic Design? When I suggested their local mall, many people were confused. Isn't that just where the stores are? And nowadays when I want to point out excellence of design, I tell people to look at the 303 freeway.

As a frustrated architect (I couldn't do the math) I've always been fascinated with all types of buildings. And that includes the kind of structures that surround us, and we take for granted, airports, shopping malls, and even freeways.

If this point of view is new to you, I suggest that you start by looking at great architecture from the past. No one seems to have any difficulty recognizing excellence of design if it's old enough. Maybe the Pyramids, or the Roman Coliseum.

If I could time-travel, I'd go back and see great things being built. I'd go watch them build the Hoover Dam in 1933, I'd see the Grand Canal being dug through Phoenix in 1878. And so when I have the opportunity to see what I call "history in the making", such as the construction of the 303 freeway, not far from me, I go look at it.

I can't put it into words, because excellence in design is a completely different language. It starts with looking at it. So if you go take a look at it, don't be surprised if people are wondering what you're looking at, because they probably can't see it. But maybe someday they will. And when you see it, it's breathtaking.

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