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What women wore in Territorial Phoenix

As a man, I haven't a clue about women's clothing. As near as I can tell, it's the most complex activity that humans do, and it seems to be a lot of work, and not really very comfortable most of the time. And while that doesn't exactly qualify me as an expert in women's clothing, it does make me feel a bit of sympathy when I look at photos of women in Territorial Phoenix.

The photo above, which is from the 1890s, shows two typically-dressed women in Phoenix. They're on the grounds of the Territorial Insane Asylum (whether inmates or doctors I have no idea) at 24th Street and Van Buren and they seem to be weighed down with a lot of clothing. I have no idea what material their dresses are made of, but I just hope it's not summertime.

I wish that I had more to say, but I really can't. What women were supposed to wear in Territorial Phoenix is as much of a mystery to me as what they are supposed to wear nowadays. So I'll just show you some pictures. All I can say is "God bless the ladies!" And they did all of this without any air conditioning!




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