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The Phoenix, Arizona Historical Images Digital Project

In 2011 I took a look at the boxes of old Phoenix photos and collateral that I had rescued when Valley National Bank was taken over by Bank One in 1992. My thought at the time was that it would be a terrible shame to let all of this wonderful history just go into the dumpster. But then I realized that having it sit in a file cabinet in my garage was just about the same thing. So, little by little, I started scanning in stuff.

When Google+ was new, I created a "business page" called Phoenix Historical Images. I had created a few web pages before that had Phoenix images on them, but this looked like a great place to put lots of stuff. And it is! If you keep your images to 2048 or below, Google allows unlimited free uploads.

I finished scanning in the stuff that I had by the middle of 2012, but then found that I was just having too much fun to stop. People who I had met through the Google+ page started sharing stuff with me, and now it has turned into an ongoing project.

My goal for the Phoenix, Arizona Historical Image Project is twofold - I want to have fun (and I am!) and I want to create archive-quality digital images that can never be trapped in boxes on a shelf in a museum, or in a garage, and can never be thrown in to a dumpster.

If you see anything that you like here on this blog, please share it. Use them any way you want to, write a book, make a T-shirt, get rich, it doesn't matter to me. I have no copyright on these images, these aren't mine, you don't need my permission, nor do you have to give me credit. Just please don't let them get lost or thrown away.

Image above: Valley Center under construction in 1972, Central and Monroe, Phoenix, Arizona. Now called Chase Tower.

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  1. Just want you to know that your posts and the images therein are really appreciated and enjoyed. I've been kicking around the Valley for well over half a century, and many of the images bring back memories. Thanks and hope you have a really great New Year.