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Why you (probably) shouldn't ask for a senior discount at museums

As an old marketing guy (and I really do mean old here, my hair has gone completely grey), I am aware of advertising, coupons, discounts, all of that kind of thing, at museums. And although these things are wonderful for the right people, it may not be for you. It all depends on your financial situation, and your attitude.

I like museums. Even when they're free, I donate a buck or two. Most of the museums that I visit have volunteers working there, or young people who may be working for the absolute minimum that the law allows. I look at the list of people who have donated, maybe written into the bricks on the sidewalk, or on displays hanging somewhere in the museum, and I want to be that guy.

Of course, I'm not wealthy, so there's no question of any museum naming its latest wing after me. And I am very much in favor of museums doing what they can to make their collections accessible to people who don't really have much money to throw around, like students, or maybe seniors on a fixed income. So, if that's you, then by all means take advantage of the discount, or a coupon. Museums are great places.

But if your financial situation has been good, as a lot of people who have worked hard to earn their grey hair is, then please rethink asking for that senior discount. That seventy cents may mean a lot to someone who really can't afford it, but if you can, give it. No, they won't be naming a wing after you, or giving speeches praising your generosity, but it's a little bit that you can do that can help.

Thank you.

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