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The 1893 Laird and Dines building in Tempe, "modernized" in the 1930s, and restored in 2000

As a history adventurer, I have started to learn to recognize buildings that have been "modernized". There are several around Phoenix that were built in territorial times and then covered up with stucco to give them a more modern look. A lot of times you can still see the original bricks from over 100 years ago, if you take a look around the back of some buildings. But if you're in Tempe, luckily, you don't have to look so hard at the Laird and Dines building, which is on the southeast corner of Mill Avenue and 5th Street.

This building was "modernized" in the 1930s. I have no memory of it from when I was at ASU in the 1980s, it was just another crummy-looking building on Mill Avenue. But I love looking at it now.

I understand why old buildings get modernized. My guess is that the building was starting to look pretty run-down by the 1930s, and putting stucco all over it probably sharpened it up, for a while.

What the Laird and Dines building looked like in the 1930s, up until 2000, southeast corner of Mill Avenue and 5th Street, Tempe, Arizona.

In 2000, as part of the millennial celebration, the City of Tempe restored the Laird and Dines building to its original territorial appearance. Thank you, Tempe!

In front of the Laird and Dines building in the 1890s. Bicycle Repair Shop.

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