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Walking along Washington at 3rd Avenue in 1908, Phoenix, Arizona

I feel like taking a walk. Come along with me. It's 1908 in Phoenix, Arizona, and I'm staying at the Vendome, which is on 3rd Avenue and Washington. It's a quiet day, so I thought I'd look around.

The Vendome, 3rd Avenue and Washington

Everybody's Tailor H. Hamburger, 3rd Avenue and Washington

My first stop is to H. Hamburger, which is right next door to the Vendome. I have a special occasion coming up, so I'm buying a new suit. It will need to be dark, because I will be going to a funeral, and I'll get a bowler hat, which I can wear instead of the Stetson I usually wear.

3rd Avenue and Washington in 1908, Phoenix, Arizona

Across Washington is the Dorris Opera House. Maybe I'll stop in and see the show tonight. I've heard good things about "The Cow-Puncher". I see some pipes lying on the ground. I wonder if there's going to be some road construction? Phoenix floods every year, so it would be wise for them to have some type of storm drain. I've read in the paper that the paving of the streets will start in a few years, and that will help, as it becomes a muddy mess.

Here we are, this is where I needed to go today. It's the display yard for the Salt River Valley Monument Company. Their offices are over there, next to the Phoenix Trunk Factory, but this where they cut the granite. Nice-looking work! I'll choose the one I want and then walk over to the office and make the arrangements.

The cemetery is about ten blocks west, in the direction of the Arizona Territorial Capitol Building, which I can see there at the end of the car line, then I have to walk down to Jefferson. I wonder how often the trolley goes by? I see by the wires above that it's electric.

Looking west towards the Capitol Building on Washington from 3rd Avenue in 1908, Phoenix, Arizona

The streets are muddy and dirty, but there's a nice sidewalk here, so I guess I'll just keep walking. Thank you for walking with me.

Note: The Dorris Opera House, which became the Elks Opera House, and later the Phoenix Theater, ended its days in the 1980s. The original Capitol Building is still there at 17th Avenue and Washington, and is now a museum. The cemetery referred to is the Pioneer Military and Memorial Park, which is between 13th and 15th Avenue south of Jefferson, behind the Smurthwaite House.

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