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Going for a tour on the Apache Trail in 1919

Let's go history adventuring. I feel like going for a ride on the Apache Trail between Phoenix and Globe in 1919. Luckily, those fancy "horseless carriages", which have been around for a long time, are available to tour, and if a whole bunch of us help pay for the tour, it shouldn't be so terribly expensive. The company is the Apache Trail Stage Company, and they've been doing this for a long time! I wonder if the driver is annoyed that the advertising is right there on the windshield? I guess he can look through the top part, or fold it down.

Sorry, but you'll have to squash in the back. I like sitting "shotgun", next to the driver. I'm sure you'll be comfortable! Well, maybe not, but the scenery will be great!

I suppose some day it will be common for people will drive around the Phoenix area in vehicles like this. I know that I have a vivid imagination, I think that someday there will be a way to cool the air right inside of the car, and maybe listen to music, too (although someone would probably have to crank the gramophone!).

It's winter (no one is crazy enough to do this in the heat of the summer), but the sun is warmer than I had thought, so the driver has taken my coat and tied it to the side of the car. The bag there probably has a lot of stuff that the driver can use to fix the car if it breaks down, but I really don't know. It's one of those new Packard Twin Sixes, so it should be pretty reliable! They're expensive!

Oh look! It's the McColluch Brothers photographers! Smile for the camera!

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