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History adventuring with Barry Goldwater in the 1930s

Let's go history adventuring with Barry Goldwater in the 1930s. We're wealthy guys in our twenties who like to travel, meet interesting people, and take photographs.

Now waitaminute, this has nothing to do with politics. If you want to talk politics, please leave us alone. This is the 1930s, talking about political careers can wait. Yes, I know we studied all of that, and it's important for wealthy people like us to consider public service, but hey, we're young. Let's go adventuring!

Ad for Goldwater's department store in 1915, Phoenix, Arizona.

There are a lot of advantages to being wealthy, and we are (Barry's family made their fortune with a department store in Phoenix that started back in territorial times), but the main disadvantage is that we have nowhere to go. Our days of attending school are over, and we really don't need to wake up to an alarm clock and go into the city to work. So let's go adventuring.

Sure, since we have plenty of money, we could go stay at fancy hotels all over the world, but what's the fun of that? Arizona is an incredible place, and we can figure out how to wash our clothes on rocks, that sort of thing. I'd like to spend a night in a Navajo hogan, and Barry says that he knows someone who will let us. Barry talks to everyone, and asks if he can take their photo. I really don't care if we get photos or not, I just want to see these places, and talk to these people.

OK, let's check what we're bringing along with us: camera - check, razors - nah, we won't need those. Let's go!

Photo at the top of this post: Barry Goldwater in 1941. 

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