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Visiting the Legend City Amusement Park in the 1960s, Phoenix-Tempe, Arizona

Legend City was an amusement park that was between Phoenix and Tempe, north of the Salt River, near where the Phoenix Municipal Stadium is, which operated from 1963 to 1983. And, no, I never got to see it. But this blog is for time-traveling, and I want to go there now. I want to see it, I want to experience it, and mostly I want to feel it. And if you went there, hopefully you will help me to understand. Let's go!

We're kids in the 1960s, all I can say is that they can't seem to make up their mind about what it is, but I love it. There are old west shootouts, and dinosaurs. I guess in the future some of it would be very "politically incorrect", but no one seems to mind now. Their slogan is Guns, Girls, and Games, and I have no idea what that means. I'm pretty sure it's an old west theme. Like the westerns that I see on TV, like Gunsmoke, and the Rifleman. Where people get shot and just go "aaauuggh, ya got me!" and fall down. And the saloon girls who work upstairs (I don't know what that means) all have hearts of gold.

Legend City in the 1960s

Frontier Town at Legend City in the 1960s

Flying over Legend City in the 1960s. Phoenix Municipal Stadium is just to the upper right. You're looking north.

Well, we're kids, so the idea is to stuff our faces with as much sugary snacks as possible and then get on as many rides as we can. Wow, my stomach feels kind of weird, how are you? Maybe I shouldn't have had that last creme soda!

Thank you for visiting Legend City with me!

Legend City ticket from 1972

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