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Why I love living in a harsh climate - Phoenix, Arizona

I've lived where the weather is nice, and I've lived where the weather is harsh. In other words, I lived in Santa Barbara, California, and I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona. And the most miserably uncomfortable I've been is where the weather is nice. If that sounds strange, please hear me out.

Here in Phoenix it gets insanely hot. Like over 120 degrees sometimes in the summer, easily over 115, and 100 is pretty much nothin'. So having air conditioning isn't just a luxury, it's the first thing that someone like me thinks about. And I have an awesome heat-pump A/C on my house, and the world's greatest General Motors air conditioning in my car. And since I've never had an outdoor job, I've been wonderfully comfortable.

When I lived in California, where the weather is nice all of the time, I've lived without air conditioning, or heat. And when the weather isn't nice (which actually does happen) I've been miserably cold, or miserably hot. Yes, there are days when even Santa Barbara gets very chilly (especially if you live by the ocean, and it's winter, and raining). And then there's the Santa Ana winds that come blowing in, that roast Southern California. They only last for a few days, but for those days, you have to live with blistering heat, and if your place doesn't have A/C, you sweat.

Here in Phoenix, no one ever asks "why would you bother paying for Air Conditioning?" so I can indulge in the most comfort that I can afford. I have an awesome Air Conditioner on my house, which works great and is professionally served every year to be sure it's at peak performance. I'm never uncomfortable. I haven't spent a sleepless night for years. It can be over 100 degrees out there, and I sit here in cool comfort at my computer. Weather is something that happens outside, I don't have to worry that I will be freezing all night (like in the wee hours in Santa Barbara), or unable to sleep because it's too hot (which happens quite often even in places where the weather is "always nice".

I suppose if I ever move back to Santa Barbara (which is very unlikely!) I'll have a big heat pump Air Conditioner installed on my house, and make sure that the A/C in my car is always working. The neighbors would probably think I'm kinda crazy, but I'm used to being comfortable. I'm from Phoenix.

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