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Getting a chop at Gass Brothers in 1917, Phoenix, Arizona

I know it's late, but I'm hungry. It's 1917 in Phoenix, Arizona and I'd like to go get a chop at Gass Brothers. Come along with me.

It's easy to find, just look at that neon. It's right there on Central, between Washington and Adams, you can't miss it. I'm driving my dad's automobile so we'll be there in no time. I'll park right out front.

This is going to cost us some money, but don't worry, I can cover it. The good old days of being able to get a meal for a quarter are long-gone, I know, and the war is driving up prices, too, I'm told. But order whatever you want, this is a special night. I'm going to get a chop.

The interior of the Gass Brothers in 1915

Let's sit at the counter. Here comes the waiter, order a cup of coffee for me, I'm going to visit the loo. Tell them to put everything on my dad's tab. Sure, get whatever you want. I'll be right back.

Gass Brothers Chop House in the 1930s

That was great. Nothing like eating a chop late at night! Makes me feel like Phoenix is finally becoming a big city. I like that. OK, let's go. Here's the hand crank, if you don't mind helping me start the car? Yes, I know what to do - let's see, set the spark...?

Image at the top of this post: Gass Brothers at night in 1917, 21 N. Central, Phoenix, Arizona.

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