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Going to St. Joseph's Hospital in 1918, Phoenix, Arizona

Time-travel with me. It's 1918 and I don't feel so well. I think I'm going to the hospital. Luckily, it's St. Joseph's in Phoenix, Arizona.

The hospital is over on 4th Street and Polk, not far from where I live here on Melinda's Alley, and a friend of mine is coming over with his buck wagon. It's a hot day here in Phoenix, but I feel cold. I must have a fever.

1918 article about Mother Paul, the Sisters of Mercy, and St. Joseph's Hospital

I've heard good things about St. Joseph's Hospital, I even saw an article in the paper yesterday. Old-timers still call it the Sister's Hospital. I wonder how Mother Paul is doing? She founded the hospital twenty-five years ago, so she must be pleased at how much its grown.

I'm sure I'll be OK. I'm young and strong, and the Sisters will take good care of me.

St. Joseph's Hospital in the 1940s, 4th Street and Polk, Phoenix, Arizona

St. Joseph's Hospital in its newest location, at 3rd Avenue and Thomas, in the 1960s. It moved there in 1953.

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