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Auto racing in old-time Phoenix - 1919

Let's go racing! It's 1919 and we're in Phoenix, Arizona. Let's drive the Chevrolet Twins from Bert O. Brown, which is at 3rd Street and Washington.

The race track is at the Arizona State Fairgrounds You know, near six points on Christy Road (McDowell) and 19th Avenue. Racing has always been very popular there, and I understand there's still horse racing, but it's racing of automobiles that everyone is talking about! During the fair there's always a special Street Car out there, but we'll be driving there in style - in racing cars!

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Before the invention of the automobile, the fastest thing I ever saw was a train, or a galloping horse. These machines are amazing.

Safe? Of course not. That's part of the reason that people love to watch, just because it's so dangerous. I suppose some day there will be helmets, or seat belts, or roll cages. Right now you just take your chances and hope for the best. I hear that when these machines catch on fire, that's what's really dangerous. My girl just gave me a kiss for luck, and that's all I need.

Auto racing at the Arizona State Fairgrounds

OK, here we are at the race track. Looks like there's a good crowd. Let's give them a good show! Listen to those engines roar!

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