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Drinking beer in Phoenix in 1901

As an amateur historian, I like to ask the important questions about the past. For example, was there beer in Phoenix in 1901? Yes, there was. Let's time-travel and go get some.

Lount and Sons Ice Plant in 1905.

And, yes, of course it was cold. Phoenix didn't have refrigeration in 1901, but it had ice. Plenty of ice. Manufacturing of ice was a big business, and it made people like Sam Lount (Hattie Mosher's father) very rich. All you need is electricity and know-how to make ice, and Sam had both.

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Tonight I feel like having something that I saw advertised in today's paper called ABC Bohemian. According to what I read, it's appetizing and health-giving. To quote the ad, "Its perfect purity, beautiful color and sparking brilliancy will endear it to the heart of every connoisseur, while its rich hop flavor is indescribably pleasing the palette. The Ideal Family Beer." Looks expensive to me, so I'd expect it would be more than a dime per bottle. Do you have enough money? Could you go borrow some?

That really hit the spot on a hot day. How many did I have? I only had two! Well, three. I know you had two. That Bohemian is good stuff, but strong, and expensive. Here, take the reigns, and you drive, I need to close my eyes for a while. Maybe next time we should try "Budweiser", what do you think?

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