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Drinking Coca-Cola in Phoenix, Arizona in 1906

It sure is a hot day, I could use a Coca-Cola. It's 1906 in Phoenix, Arizona, so let's go get some.

Don't worry, Coca-Cola is as common in 1906 Phoenix as it will be in the 21st Century. And yes, it's served cold. Phoenix didn't have refrigeration in 1906, but it had ice. Making ice was a big business in Phoenix, which also kept beer cold, along with other things that needed to be cold, such as food.

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I noticed an ad in the newspaper that says we should watch for a coupon for a free bottle of Coca-Cola, but I don't want to wait. Besides, I think you owe me a dime? That should more than enough to pay for a couple of bottles.

Yeah, I've heard the rumors, that's there's some kind of drug in it, like Cocaine. No, it's not true. It was true when they first started making Coca-Cola in 1886, but not for a long time! They replaced the Cocaine with caffeine, but it's no more than a cup of coffee. It's basically just carbonated sugar water with flavor. And it tastes great!

There are imitations, but real Coca-Cola is easy to recognize. They haven't changed the script lettering for years, and I don't suppose that they ever will. That was great. Now let's go back and get our deposit on the bottle!

By the way, the bottle didn't get the distinctive "hour glass shape" until after the price of sugar went up, during World War I. And although it was just a trick to make the bottle look like it held as much (and it was just as tall), the shape caught on, and became as important to the trademark of Coca-Cola as the name.

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