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Exploring the Sahuaro Ranch, Glendale, Arizona

The Sahuaro Ranch (yes, it's misspelled that way) is an historic ranch and park which is open to the public. There are old buildings, gardens, and wide-open spaces. The ranch goes back to 1886, and there are a bunch of historic plaques around explaining that kind of stuff. I visit there as often as I can, both in my imagination and in real life, and I was there this morning. It's located between 59th and 63rd Avenues in Glendale, south of Peoria Avenue. It's directly adjacent to Glendale Community College, which is on Olive. It's a big place, but you can't see it from any main streets, so you may have gone past it many times even if you live in the neighborhood.

I've always sought out places like this to sooth my jangled nerves. I have no excuse for having jangled nerves, I know, but I do. When I lived in California, I called it the LA Hee-Bee-Jee-Bees, and it was brought on by traffic, and crowding, and mostly just be being a nervous and anxious person.

In the photo I took this morning, I'm trying to show what I'm looking at, and what I'm feeling. There are nice wide-open spaces, where often all you can hear is the breeze in the trees, or the call of peacocks (yes, that's a peacock there strolling by the porch).

There are events there, but that's not when I go. I like to go when I have the place pretty much to myself, which is just about any day of the week, especially now as it's August, and still pretty hot, even in the morning.

Yes, I understand that most people are in the drive-through of a coffee place while I'm exploring at the ranch. That's their world, and this is mine. I like the ranch.

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