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Walking along Millionaire's Row in the 1890s, Phoenix, Arizona

Let's talk a walk in Phoenix, Arizona in the 1890s. I'd like to see Millionaire's Row, so come along with me.

As of this writing, only one of the great mansions on Millionaire's Row still exists. It's the Rosson House, which is on Monroe and 6th Street. When it was new, there were gigantic Victorian Houses all of the way from Central on Monroe. The Catholic Church was there, and still is, on 4th Street.

The Rosson House in 1896, and today

The streets aren't paved yet, so let's walk in nice weather. Of course the wealthy people who live in those houses aren't there in the summer, so let's say it's a pleasant day in the winter. And since there are so many trees, we can see the houses better because the leaves have fallen.

7th Street (called Apache at the time) is the end of the city limits. The city limits to the north are Van Buren, just south of the canal, which most people just call the town ditch, or Swilling's Ditch, but is actually named the Salt River Valley Canal.

Wow, just look at those mansions! The one there on the left is the Jacobs House, and next to it is the Dennis House. They're on the north side of Monroe, just west of 3rd Street. Looks like there's a carriage out there, waiting to pick someone up. Beautiful horses, too. I'm guessing that these people made their fortunes with gold, or maybe some type of business.

This street is the pride of Phoenix, and hopefully these mansions will always be preserved. It would be a shame if they were knocked down, and forgotten. But I guess that happens.

Thanks for walking with me.

The end of the Jacobs House in 1964

Image at the top of this post: the Jacobs House (on the left) and the Dennis House in the 1890s, 3rd Street and Monroe, Phoenix, Arizona, on Millionaire's Row.

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