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Buying fresh oranges and grapefruit in Phoenix in 1919

One of the wonderful things about living in the Phoenix area is that you can have fresh oranges and grapefruit that have just been picked right there at the grove. Let's go back to 1919 and get some.

There are plenty of orange groves in Phoenix, but the one I have in mind will take a little bit of a drive. I hope you don't mind driving, I don't have a car. I'll help pay for the gas! And if it breaks down, I'm pretty handy with mechanical stuff.

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OK, I'll navigate. We start on Center (Central Avenue) and go north to McDowell Road. From there we go east to Chicago Avenue (44th Street). It's a good distance, but it's a nice drive. You just put new tires on, right? And you have a least one spare? Great, two is even better. I hope we don't need it, but you never know. Mmmmm! You can smell the orange blossoms already!

OK, here's Chicago Avenue, time to turn north until we get to Indian School Road. We're almost there!

These are delicious! Yes, I'll have another orange. And I'm going to fill up a boxful to take home. Do you have the address of my cousin back east? I'd like to send him a box. I've told him about the wonderful oranges of the Salt River Valley but I don't think that he really believes me.

What a great trip! Thanks for driving!

Image from the Library of Congress

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