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Buying a used car from the Phoenix Motor Company in the 1940s

I need a used car, it's the 1940s, and we're in Phoenix. So let's go to the Phoenix Motor Company Used Car lot, which is on the southeast corner of 5th Avenue and Van Buren.

I've been walking past this place for a long time now, and I see a car that I REALLY like. It's the '37 Ford Standard Coupe there, the one right behind the sign post. I wonder if it's a good car? And if I can afford it?

Since I know nothing about cars (except what I like) I'm glad you're along. I've been to your shop and seen the work you do, which is amazing. You must have grease running in your viens! I'll follow your advice - if you like it, I'm going to get it. If it needs some work, it goes to your shop first. If it's a basket case, then I'll go on walking.

1937 Ford Standard Coupe

There it is. Wow, I really like that car. Yeah, I know that you shouldn't let the salesman know that, so I'll try to calm down. I shouldn't have had all that coffee this morning! Luckily I'm carrying a flask, so I'll take a snort, it always relaxes me. It's a good thing this is the 1940s, in the 21st Century I'd go to jail for driving around with a flask of whiskey in my pocket, taking nips.

There's the salesman. I'll go talk to him while you go look at the car. Yeah, I'll distract him, talk about the weather. Once you give it the quick look-over, we'll wander over. If you shake your head, I'll understand.

So far so good. You're not smiling, but you're not frowning. Let's start it up. Wow, a huge plume of black smoke! That's a good sign, right? I have no idea. It seems to be running rough. I wonder if it needs new spark plugs? Maybe the timing is off. Jump in, let's take it around the block.

Roll the windows down, it's a beautiful day. And yeah, I think you're smiling! You are smiling! Nice. I'm going to go back and make an offer on this car. I think I'm going to call her "Nellie"!

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