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Eating at the Phoenix Restaurant in 1899

It's 1899, I'm hungry, so let's go eat at the Phoenix Restaurant. It's a new place that just opened up on 1st Avenue between Washington and Jefferson. Right across from the Court House.

I just saw an ad in the paper that says that it's the best and cheapest eating house in the city. They serve meals at all hours, so we don't have to be there at lunch time, or dinner time, we can eat whenever we get there. Yes, I know it's a long dusty ride from the ranch to downtown Phoenix, but let's go. We just got our wages, and I'm tired of the food that they've been serving us here. If you can call that  "food"!

The Phoenix Restaurant in 1899, next door to McKee's Cash Store

Let's see, it's supposed to be right next door to McKee's Cash Store. I don't see it yet, we could ask. Wait, I have an idea, let's go to the top of the Court House and look from there. Say, it's quite a view from here. Now I see it!

1900 ad for the Phoenix Restaurant

You tie off Snowbell and Rapunzel and I'll go on in. And knock some of that dust off yourself, and take your hat off! What? A menu? I have no idea. No, I don't see a menu. I'm sure what they'll be serving will be good. Come on, I'm hungry!

Sadly, the Phoenix Restaurant went out of business in 1901 after a fire.

Image at the top of this post: Looking east from the Court House Building on 1st Avenue between Washington and Jefferson in 1899, Phoenix, Arizona.

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