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Going to High School in Phoenix in 1909

Let's time-travel back to Phoenix in 1909, and go to High School.

Luckily, the High School is easy to find. It's the old Churchill Mansion, and it's quite a place. It's a gigantic Victorian house, built by the guy who is just about number one in Real Estate, Clark Churchill. That's him over there, the guy with the goat beard. Hey, that's a good look! Maybe when I'm old enough to grow a beard, I'll go with that fashion, too.

Clark Churchill

Phoenix sure has been growing! Look at all of those people, and the kids have been growing up, too. I remember when they built the Central School over on Monroe, and a lot of people wondered if it would be too big. And now it's practically overflowing!

Central School in 1909, northwest corner of Central and Monroe, Phoenix, Arizona. About where the San Carlos Hotel is nowadays.

At the rate this town is growing, I'm sure that the High School will need to grow, too. I've heard that there are plans for building a bunch of new buildings around the High School building. They say that they're going to make a regular campus of it.

View of the Phoenix High School from along the town ditch (The Salt River Valley Canal, Swilling's Ditch). You're looking west at about 7th Street north of Van Buren

I understand that they're very strict over at the High School, and that you have to wear shoes. Sounds uncomfortable! I'm not exactly sure what they teach there, I thought that I'd had enough learnin' after going to Central School. I guess there must be more. In fact, I understand that you can go on learnin' after High School, down in Tucson at the University of Arizona, or in Tempe at the Normal School.

OK, I've got my shoes on, let's go. There's the building, you can't miss it. And look! Girls! I think I'm going to like High School!

Phoenix Union High School added several new buildings, many of which are still there in downtown Phoenix, on Van Buren west of 7th Avenue, in use by the University of Arizona, and Arizona State. The Churchill Building (the Commercial Building), which was at where Polk and 5th Street would be, didn't survive past the 1940s.

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