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Horseshoeing in 1892, Phoenix, Arizona

Let's go back to Phoenix, Arizona in 1892 and get some horse shoeing done. Rapunzel threw a shoe yesterday, and the rest of her shoes don't look very good, so let's go into town, to W.H. Smith. You know, at Gilmour Brothers old stand, at Adams and Center (Central).

It's going to be another hot day, but the sun hasn't really come up yet, so it feels good this morning. Yes, we'll have to walk there, but we can ride back. Sure, you can ride, Rapunzel may be old, but she's strong. How much do you weigh?

We must be getting closer, I can hear the clang on the anvil. I wonder if that's old W.H. or one of his helpers? Yes, I can see the glow of the coal fire from here. That must be miserable in the heat, being a blacksmith. No wonder he's there before sunup.

Central and Adams in 1908, Phoenix, Arizona.

We're walking along the canal, so it's just a few blocks away. The canal runs just north of Van Buren, and I understand it's supposed to be called the Salt River Valley Canal, but most people just call it Swilling's Ditch, or the town ditch.

Here we are. That didn't take long on a beautiful cool morning. Let's see, he only horseshoes for cash, so I brought along some coins. I really appreciate the work that he does, and I'd like to give him a little extra for the effort, do you have a couple of pennies?

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