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Staying at a boarding house in 1892, Phoenix, Arizona

Let's time-travel back to Phoenix, Arizona in 1892, and stay at a boarding house. According to an ad I just read, Mrs. M.K. Wheeler has the best table board in the city. It's at the corner of Maricopa [2nd Street] and Adams, so let's go.

Of course, we could have just gotten a room down by the livery stable, but we're making good money working in the gold and silver mines, so let's find a place with room and board. That is, a place to hang our hats, and that includes food.

I've been asking around, and I'm told that Mrs. Wheeler lays out a great board. And since we'll be here for the holidays, I'm sure that it be a festive one! It's making me hungry just to think of it.

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Here's the place. Yeah, I know it doesn't look like much, but smell that home cooking! That's what I'm talking about. There's no sense us making all that money in the mines and then starving ourselves. A man can't live on whiskey and beef jerky, you know. Well, I've tried.

Wow, is that fresh bread that I smell? It looks like we're just in time, everyone is gathering around the table. Come on in and sit down. That must be Mrs. Wheeler. I wonder if she was expecting us? Hand me a gold coin, will you, I think I want to pay for a year in advance.

I'm going to like it here in Phoenix! Pass the mashed potatoes, please!