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Watching a baseball game at Arizona State in 1929

Let's go watch a baseball game. We're going to Tempe, in 1929, to Arizona State Teacher's College (now ASU). I hear that they have a pretty good team now, lead by Bob Smith.

What a beautiful day for a game! Let's see, before we time-travel, we need to get all of our stuff together. Maroon and gold? Yes, those have been the school colors since 1885. Peanuts and Cracker Jack? Of course, what's a ball game without Cracker Jack? It's been around since 1896. And yes, we need to bring along penants that say Arizona State. No, not Arizona State University - it won't be a University until 1958.

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A lot of things have changed in the world since 1929, but not baseball. It may not be as popular as it once was, but it's still a joy to watch. Personally, I love the whole experience, even making a mess with the peanuts.

Oh yeah, one more thing that I need to remind you of. They won't be the Sun Devils until 1946, they're the Bulldogs. So don't start shouting "Go Devils" or they'll probably have campus security escort us out of the stadium.

OK, I'm going to practice now: "Batter-batter-batter SWING!" Let's see, what else, maybe something about the umpire being a bum? I'll think of some more by the time we get to the game. And the most important thing to shout is, "Go Bulldogs!"

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