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Going to Cloud Nine in the early 1960s, Phoenix, Arizona

I feel like listening to some Jazz music, and I know a place. That's because we're going to time-travel back to the early 1960s in Phoenix, Arizona and go to Cloud Nine.

Come on, I'll drive, I know where it is - it's up on the top of Shaw Butte, in Sunnyslope. Hop in! My car? Yeah, I love it. I call it a Deuce Coupe - I did the hotrodding myself. It gets me where I wanna go. No, it isn't supposed to have a hood - I like showing off the engine. Here, you have to get in this side, the passenger door is welded shut. Seat belts? What? What do you think this is, the 21st Century?

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Here we are, about 15th Avenue, north of Shangri-La, north of Peoria Avenue. Look, you can see it from here, up on that hill. Yes, we're going up there. Yeah, I agree that the road doesn't look very safe. That's why you park at the bottom of the hill and take a shuttle. Do you have a dollar I can borrow?

Here we are. Wow, what a view! I can see all of the way downtown. Smog? No, that's just exhaust from my Deuce Coupe settling down. It'll go away in an hour or so. Man, dig that crazy beat! That's some coooool jazz! I'm having a lot of fun already, let's get a table. No, I don't have a reservation, but they know me here.

Here. I bought a bottle of whiskey. The waiter will bring glasses and some soda water. Hope that's OK with you. Are you hungry? OK, but don't order anything too expensive - my credit's good here, but not that good. Lobster? What? Well, OK.

Cloud Nine opened in 1961 and closed after a fire just three years later. The remains of it are still there on Shaw Butte, and you can hike up and look at it.

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