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Going to Phoenix College in 1978

Although I took my 300 and 400 level classes at ASU, the 100 and 200 level classes I did at Phoenix College, or as everyone called it, PC. Nowadays Phoenix College is called a Community College, but back then it was called a Junior College. Let's go back to 1978.

For me, Phoenix College felt right. I was only a couple of years away from High School, and the campus, pace, and feeling of PC wasn't overwhelming. I understood that to get my degree I would need to take the basic classes, like English, etc., and I couldn't imagine any reason to go to a four-year college and pay a lot more when I could go to PC, and get those classes done and out of the way easier and cheaper. My goal was always to go to ASU, and I knew that the classes at PC would transfer.

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I took a few classes, then learned that it was cheaper to carry a full load, so I did so, and it was about this time that I started doing freelance Graphic Design, so I stayed pretty busy. I don't recall getting involved with any campus life, or going to any games. I drove there, in my MG Midget, took the classes, and drove home. I used the job board there to look for work and to advertise my services, which I called Brad Hall Advertising Art. I had business cards, and letterhead and stationary. I think that it surprised people to find out that the business was just a skinny kid who was going to PC. I'm still using the same logo, which originally was just a BH (for my name), I removed the word "advertising" and added an A (for art). I did just about anything that seemed related to "commercial art" - I painted windows for stores (I was terrible at that), I made signs, and strangely enough most of my work was layout for yellow pages ads. I also did ad layout for clients who were running ads in the Republic and Gazette, and part of my education was to actually see what these places looked like. I was offered full-time jobs, but I didn't take them, I knew that I wanted to stay focused on getting my degree.

I wish I could tell you more about Phoenix College, but other than going there for a couple of years, nothing else comes back to me. It had convenient parking, that I remember! Once I got the basic classes done, I transferred to ASU, where I got my Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Advertising.

Thank you for visiting 1978 with me!

Image at the top of this post: Phoenix College in 1978, 1202 W. Thomas, Phoenix, Arizona.

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