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How young people dressed in the 1970s in Phoenix, Arizona

If you were a young person in the 1970s, you probably wince at photos of what you wore then. It was, of course, in fashion then but just seems to scream "weird" now. Let's take a look.

These young people in 1973, standing next to the Bug Bus were traveling between Christown Mall and ASU. Their clothes are typical of average college kids. The men, of course, had long hair. Long hair was practically a requirement at the time to show that independent spirit that most young men like to show. Long hair had become popular for young men in the 1960s, with "hippies" and developed into the norm by the 1970s.

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The pants were bell-bottoms, or "flares". That is, they were very wide at the bottom, and the flare was exaggerated starting at the knee. Stripes were "in", on pants being vertical and on shirts horizontal.

Thanks to the help of my PhDs (Phoenix History Detectives) of the female persuasion, I'm told that the young lady was wearing a "crochet poncho". I don't know enough about ladies fashion to say any more than that, but it looks like she's also wearing tights, and that the skirt is fairly high. My memories of being a kid in the 1970s are vague, but I know that skirts were either very short, or very long (called "mini" or "maxi" skirts).

Speaking for myself, I was too young back then to grow a beard or mustache, but they were very popular then, along with sideburns. Big sideburns! The colors were still very bright in the early 1970s, and started becoming "earth tones" in the mid-1970s. Clothing, and kitchens started becoming orange, green, and brown.

Thanks for time-traveling back to the 1970s with me, man. Far out! Out of sight!

The Bug Bus at Christown Mall in the 1970s, Phoenix, Arizona. Groovy.