This blog explores the history of Phoenix, Arizona and a little bit of Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.

What the history adventuring project is all about

I've been history adventuring all of my life. And really, it just means that I find some kind of excuse to go wander off, and look at stuff. It really took off for me when I lived in Los Angeles, when I just needed to calm my jangled nerves, and didn't want to admit it. So I sought out quiet places, and found historical sites, like Los Encinos, in the San Fernando Valley. I would go there, and walk under old trees. If anyone asked I would say that I was interested in history, but the history was secondary. I just liked walking around and looking at stuff, and I still do.

About fifteen years ago I reached a crisis in my life after a life-threatening accident (please don't ask) which threatened to take away everything in my life. I went through physical therapy to learn to walk, I feared for the loss of my sight (yes, there's physical therapy for that, too), and mostly I felt trapped. So I started adventuring in my imagination, and many years later I started to write about it. That's when I created this blog, which allowed me to walk anywhere, even when I couldn't walk more than from room to room.

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In the past couple of years my adventuring has expanded to IRL (which is an internet abbreviation for "In Real Life"). Old friends, and new friends, wanted to go history adventuring with me, and I knew a lot of places that I wanted to go. I write about them all of the time here, and my favorite places are in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and in the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys of Los Angeles.

I like doing this, and would like to continue in spite of whatever limitations I have, and will probably develop as the years go by. I figure that I have at least twenty, if not thirty more years of doing this, and really this is all I want to do. There's so much more for me to so, so much more for me to learn.

So that's the project. And I'm glad you're along with me. I have to admit that I thought that I'd be on this journey alone. Thank you for walking with me.

Image at the top of this post: The Sahuaro Ranch, one of my favorite places in the world. It's between 63rd Avenue and 59th Avenue and Peoria and Olive, in Glendale, Arizona. Just north of Glendale Community College

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