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Being old-timers in old-time Phoenix

Let's go back to old-time Phoenix, and be old-timers. In the 21st Century, we'd be called "senior citizens" or some such polite term, but at the turn of the century, we're just a couple of cranky old guys. Come on!

The first thing we'll need is a place to sit in front of a building. Let's sit in front of the Ford Hotel, at 2nd Avenue and Washington. I'll buy us some coffee. I figure that we can sit there most all day long, no one will mind. If any of those young whipper-snappers say anything, I'll waive my Colt at them! That'll learn 'em!

The Colt? Yeah, here it is. No, I didn't point it at you. Oh sorry. But don't worry, my vision is still as good as it was back in the war. Now those were the days! As I recall, you fought on the Confederate side, right? I was Union, but it doesn't matter. Those were the days when duty called, you answered! Not like today, with those cowardly rapscallions everywhere. What's this darn country coming to, anyway?

1896 Street Tax in Phoenix, Arizona.

I think I'm going to move upwind, since you decided to light one of those cigars of yours. I understand they get a good price for them, which is surprising. What? Taxes? Don't get me started! I just heard tell that the City is going to impose a tax to keep up the streets. Bunch of darn foolishness if you ask me, I think they're just lining their pockets. Streets look OK to me. Dusty, but what do you expect? If they want a dollar from me I'll just show them the Colt. Although I doubt the tax collector even knows where I live.

Hattie Mosher

Let's see, where was I? Anyway, taxes. I'd say that the only person who gets it right is Hattie Mosher. She refuses to pay a penny in taxes. Smart girl! And that's why she's so rich, she doesn't squander her money. Good eye for business, that girl. I believe that's her on that bicycle over there. Darned bicycles, always in the way. There oughta be a law! In my day, you rode a horse, not some darned contraption with wheels.

Automobiles? You mean horseless carriages, don't 'cha? I hope they never allow them in Phoenix, it would ruin the whole town!

Image at the top of this post: Looking west on Washington towards 1st Avenue in the 1890s, Phoenix, Arizona. The Ford Hotel is at far left.

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