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Eating at Henry Sing's restaurant in 1924 - Sing High

It's 1924 and there's a new restaurant here in Phoenix called Sing High. It's at 138 S. 2nd Street and is run by Henry Sing. Let's go!

I just saw this ad in the paper, and the hours seem a little strange, but it's Saturday, so they'll be open from noon to four, and I think we should go there.

OK, there it is! I see that there's a long line, so it must be good. Phoenix has a lot of good Chinese restaurants, but we could always use another one. I wonder how long this one will last? Until the 21st Century, do you think?

That must be the owner there, Mr. Sing. No, I don't think Henry is his real name, I'm sure that he goes by that name so that people like us can pronounce it. I'm going to walk over and shake his hand. I want to let him know that Arizona is a friendly place. What? Oh, sure, I'll bow, too.

Sing High in the 1970s, 3rd Street and Madison, Phoenix, Arizona.

That was delicious. I'm glad we tried the chop suey. No, I have no idea what it is, I just know that it was delicious. I think we should go back often, help Mr Sing keep his place in business.

Sing High in 2017, 27 W. Madison, Phoenix, Arizona. From Yelp. 

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