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Getting a loan from the First National Bank of Arizona in old-time Phoenix

It's 1915, and I need to go get a loan. The president of the First National Bank of Arizona, Emil Ganz, is a friend of my father's and I've been told that since I seem to be a respectable young man that I should go there, and talk to him.

The First National Bank of Arizona in 1912, southeast corner of Central and Washington, Phoenix, Arizona.

What? Yes, I know where the bank is. It's been on the southeast corner of Central and Washington since the 1890s. Yes, it's the new building, which has been there for three years. Do you mind coming along with me? Just the thought of going into that office makes me nervous.

Here we are. And there's Emil. He seems like a pretty cheerful old guy. I think that maybe he and my dad knew each other when they were kids, or something. I'm not sure. Well, at least they know each other. What? Yeah, I know the room smells awful. It must be that cigar! And I don't suppose he ever opens a window. I guess the flowers are there to add a nicer smell, and look.

I'm planning on starting my own business, so I'll be looking for a pretty sizable loan, at least $100, maybe $200. I wonder how all of this works? I suppose that I'll have to sign something. I'm sure I'll need to shake his hand.

There. I'm glad it's over, and I've got the money. I'll pay back every dime, you can count on that! And thank you for coming along with me. And I especially appreciate that you didn't mention his toupee!

Emil Ganz, president of the First National Bank of Arizona in 1913

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