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Seeing Goliath the giraffe in Phoenix in 1916

It's 1916, we're in Phoenix, and I want to go see Goliath the Giraffe. He's part of Barnum and Bailey's Circus and I've heard that he's really, really tall.

No, I've never seen a giraffe. And I really don't believe that you have, either. Yes, I'll bet a hundred million billion dollars! I just saw an article in the paper, and I'm looking forward to seeing this magnificent beast. I go to the circus every year.

A friend of mine says that he saw Goliath walking in the circus parade on Washington when they got to town, but I don't believe him. I think since Goliath is such a big attraction, they're going to keep him hidden so that you'll have to buy a ticket to see him.

No, I don't have any money for a ticket, but don't worry. I give the bearded lady some plugs of my dad's chewing tobacco whenever she's in town. We'll get in as a honored guests! Yes, you'll have to kiss her.

Let's go see Goliath!

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