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Sitting under Ichabod with Judge Ruppert in 1901 Phoenix, Arizona

If you're a regular reader of these goofy little imaginary stories that I write about old Phoenix, you know about Ichabod, and Judge Ruppert, and maybe even about the Electric Belt that my imaginary time-traveling character sent away for in 1893. If not, please stay with me, and I'll try to explain as I go along. The most important thing to know about this is while the character I'm writing about is imaginary, everything else in this story actually existed. Especially Judge Ruppert, who was a big, big dog!

Walk with me. It's 1901, I've had my Sanden's Electric belt for many years now, and it's cured my lower back problems. I've also been exercising, and stretching, and eating better, but I'm sure that it's the electricity and the magnets that did the job. We're walking along Melinda's Alley, which runs east and west between Adams and Washington. We just crossed Center Street [Central Avenue] and since we've been walking for a while, and it's a hot day, let's sit under a tree.

There's a big eucalyptus tree just west of Center Street, behind the Occidental Boarding House. I don't know how long it's been there, but it's big, and everyone calls it "Ichabod", after the character in the book "Sleepy Hollow", I guess.

Look! There's Judge Ruppert, Ed Ruppert's dog, the Great Dane. And I do declare, that is one big dog! I've heard tell that he weighs nigh on up to 175 pounds. No, I mean the dog, not Ed. I don't think Ed weighs that much. And don't worry, he's friendly, and we're old friends. Here, Judge! Good dog.

I'm feeling so much better since I've been using my Electric Belt every day. That Doctor Sanden is a genius! You should get one, you look like you're walking around with a stoop. Very funny! Yes, you're walking around with me, I get it.

I like it here, and I'm in no hurry. Let's sit in the shade, with Judge Ruppert. I like Phoenix.

Image at the top of this post, Judge Ruppert with his owner Ed in 1901, Phoenix, Arizona

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