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Drinking cocktails at 6 am in the 1960s in Phoenix, Arizona

In this imaginary story, we're going to time-travel back to Phoenix in the 1960s, and drink some cocktails at the Bumble Bee.

It's the 1960s, it's 6 am in Phoenix, Arizona, and I need a drink. Come along with me, I know a place on 16th Street just south of Thomas called the Bumble Bee. Yes, it opens at six am. What? Early? What do you mean early? I haven't been asleep tonight, it's still the evening to me.

Let's see, the address is 2865 N. 16th Street, right behind that big billboard. I see it. Nice car parked there. A Chevy, right? I think it's an Impala? I had an uncle who always drove those cars. What? No, I don't drive anymore. Yes, I suppose it's got something to do with me having cocktails at 6 am.

Wow, it must be nearly 100 degrees already, that billboard is making me thirsty. I plan on having a gin-and-tonic. I know the bartenders at the Bumble Bee, and they always treat me right, they have strong wrists when they mix a drink, if you know what I mean.

Waitaminute, I think that I recognize one of those cars over there. I think it belongs to one of my ex-wives. Now what would Shirley be doing here at 6 am? No, that's not her car, wrong color. I think her car is green. I need my eyes checked. And I need a drink!

Hold on, I want to take a look at the other cars parked there. Hmmm.... anyone we know? No, I guess not. Those cars are too nice to belong to any of my friends.

What time do you have? Only 5:59? Oh great, now we have to wait. I'll just stand here and look at South Mountain until the Bumble Bee opens.

Thank you for having a cocktail with me at 6 am!

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