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Exploring Catlin Court in historic Glendale, Arizona

Downtown Glendale is an amazing place, with houses that go back over 100 years. I have mixed feelings about the area, as I know that the city of Glendale would like to see the businesses there to be more successful, and more filled with crowds of people, which really doesn't happen in spite of the promotions that are regularly done. So it is, by comparison of the old quaint areas of places like, for example, Pasadena, kinda sad. There are antique shops, and interesting places to walk, but the neighborhood still seems kinda rough, and there are still plenty of empty buildings, and empty lots.

But I love it. I don't want my history adventuring to be just like going to Disneyland, with everything so crowded that all you remember later is standing in line, and everything so perfect that it's unrealistic. Downtown Glendale isn't crowded, and there are enough rough edges that you won't feel like you're in artificial place.

If you're pondering going there, I recommend starting at Catlin Court. You can work your way towards the main street later on, but stop at Catlin Court. I always enter that neighborhood from 59th Avenue on Myrtle. And it's a magical transition, because as soon as you get off of the main street, you're whisked back 100 years. Park your car, and get out and walk. Yes, walk.

Since I've lived my whole adult life in Southern California and Phoenix, I'm used to driving everywhere. Nobody walks in LA, or Phoenix! Well, almost nobody. And since these towns have been "car scale" for so long, it's difficult to find places that are "human scale". And in those places you put your feet on the ground, walking under the trees.

Catlin Court house, historic downtown Glendale, Arizona

I took photos of some of the houses, but only as a typical example of what you'll see there. The houses in Catlin Court are businesses, mostly selling antiques and bric-a-brac, none of which really interests me. There's a place I like that sells ice cream, which I like, and what I like the best is to just sit there, and find myself very far away in time and space from the modern world.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the modern world, and I admit that my first thought when I look at a neighborhood like this is "No air conditioning back then?!" But I love to visit places like this, and I'm glad that they're there, hidden away for me whenever I need them.

Thank you for walking with me!

Historic downtown Glendale, Arizona

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