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Going to Bob's Big Boy in the 1960s, Phoenix, Arizona

I never went to Bob's Big Boy in Phoenix in the 1960s, mostly because I wasn't there, and besides I would have just been a little kid. From what I understand, it was the place to be for young adults, and one of the stops along Central Avenue, where the cars would cruise back and forth, seeing and being seen.

Bob's was at Central Avenue and Thomas, where the Navajo Code Talker Memorial statue is nowadays. And that's really all I know, but that's not gonna stop me from going to Bob's in my imagination! Jump into my '57 Chevy (of course!) and let's go!

I must say that you look lovely tonight. Your hair blowing in the wind makes me think that I'm in some kind of James Dean movie. Are you chewing gum? Can I have some? Thank you! Uh, I meant if you had another stick, but that was nice. Is your lipstick bubble-gum flavored? No? Seemed that way to me!

Who are you waving at? Oh, I see, a carload of your girlfriends. I hope they saw how shiny my car is! Yes, and my hair, too. I visited a friend at a garage and borrowed a gallon of oil, right! You don't mind if I sing along to the radio? She's real fine, my four-oh-nine!

Here we are at Bob's. Are you hungry? I'm having a big burger, and a malt! Just a Pepsi for you? Why? Oh, I see - well, I'm keeping an eye on your figure, too! Of course you can have some of my french fried potatoes!

Watch this - I'll scare that carhop by revving up the engine! Ha! That was funny! Yes, it's supposed to have all that black smoke! I think?

That was delicious, can I borrow a dollar? Thank you! Yes, of course I'll pay you back. What did you call that? Mad money? Hey, where are you going?

Image at the top of this post: Bob's Big Boy in the 1960s, northeast corner of Central Avenue and Thomas. From the Duke University Libraries Digital Collections.

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