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Phoenix, Arizona, the finest winter climate in the world in 1895, and still true today

As I was stumbling through my collection of old-time Phoenix images today, an ad for the Ford Hotel, which was at 2nd Avenue and Washington in 1895 caught my eye. They proclaimed "The finest winter climate in the world".

Now I know that there really wasn't any "truth in advertising" then, so I've seen some outrageous statements made in old ads. But this one is true. Assuming the climate in Phoenix in the winter was as nice as it's been for me for the past three decades here, I can vouch for the truth of the statement.

Now don't get me wrong, summers in Phoenix are just awful. Really awful. And I know, I've seen just as many summers as winters. And if you were to ask me where I'd like to be in the summer, I think that I can safely say, "Just about anywhere else". For the past few summers I've been housesitting for a friend of mine in Los Angeles, and I just count the days that I'm able to get away for a couple of weeks in the summer. But when winter comes, it's different.

I've lived in Southern California, which is supposed to have the nicest climate in the world, but the winters there can't compare to Phoenix. In Phoenix the sky is much bluer, there are no cold winds blowing in from the ocean, no marine layer. Yeah, those things are great in the summer, but not so nice in the winter on the coast. In the winter you want to be in Phoenix.

So yes, the Ford Hotel gets my "seal of approval" on their statement of Phoenix having the finest winter climate in the world. Whether they had the best cafe, I'd have to go there and taste the food.

I just love Phoenix in the winter! Glad you're here with me!

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