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Visiting Phoenix, Arizona in 1926

Let's go time-traveling to Phoenix, Arizona in 1926! It's the roaring twenties, the country is booming, and I've heard great things about Phoenix. Let's go take a look. Sure! I'm sure we can find some place that plays jazz!

Let's start by visiting a citrus grove over at the base of "Camel's Back" Mountain. I love the smell of oranges! Although they may be grapefruit, or lemons, I really don't know. Get a photo of me, I'll sit here with my new hat on. Be sure to get my profile, that's my good side! Here, I'll even roll up my sleeves, it makes me look as if I were working!

Central and Monroe in 1926, Phoenix, Arizona. You're looking south.

OK, here we are downtown. We're Central at Monroe, looking south. Look at that brand-new building back there, built last year by George Luhrs and his son, George Junior. Looks like a busy city! I don't hear any jazz, but I can hear the choir singing there at the church. That's Central Methodist there on the right, next to the Occidental. The tall building there? That's the Heard. We'd better get out of the street, we're getting honked at. AA-OOOGA!

The Glendale High School Cardinals baseball team in 1926.

Say, I've got an idea - let's go watch a baseball game! I understand the Cardinals at the Glendale High School are worth seeing, and I think there's a game today. We just need to go up Grand, the school is just west of town, on Main Street.

1926 ad for the Main Line between San Diego and Phoenix, Arizona.

What? Sure! Why not? Let's take the train to San Diego. The Main Line has just been completed. Let's go buy a ticket! Can you lend me a nickel?

Thank you for visiting Phoenix in 1926 with me!

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