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Visiting Phoenix, Arizona in 1958

I'm in the mood for some time-traveling, and today I'd like to go visit Phoenix in 1958. Come along with me!
The Emerald Pool Lodge in 1958, 1502 N. 46th Street, Phoenix, Arizona.

We need a place to stay, and luckily we can stay at the Emerald Pool Lodge. Of course there's a pool! What? You don't swim? Oh, it will muss up your hair? OK, you can watch me. Looks like there's a nice view of Camelback Mountain, too! Sunscreen? No, of course not, this is 1958!

Arizona State President Grady Gammage in 1958, Tempe, Arizona.

I have an idea! Let's go over to the college in Tempe, I understand that it just became a University this year. Yes, ASC is now ASU. I wonder if I'll ever get used to that? There's President Gammage, I'm waving to him, but he's not looking at me, he's looking at that new banner. Wow, Arizona State University! It's about time. And I understand they're building a new stadium to replace Goodwin, let's go watch the construction! Sure, I've got my Arizona State banner, do you? Go Sun Devils! Yeah, I miss Pete the Bulldog, but times change.

Sun Devil Stadium under construction in 1958, Tempe, Arizona.

J.C. Penney's in 1958, 2nd Street and Washington, Phoenix, Arizona.

You know, I think I'd like to do some shopping. Let's go to downtown Phoenix and see what we can find at JC Penney's. I understand it's a very modern building, and we can park in the garage right underneath it. Sure, I'll buy you anything you want! Can you lend me a dime? Let's go!

Thank you for visiting Phoenix in 1958 with me!

Image at the top of this post: Fashionable ladies in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1958. From Western Family Magazine.

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