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Drinking A-1 beer in old-time Phoenix

It's going to be a warm day, and I could use a beer. Since it's the 1940s, and we're staying at the Aztec Court Trailer Inn, I suggest that we take a walk over to the bar next door, the Gay Inn.

Now calm down there, it's the 1940s, and back then the word gay just meant cheerful, and festive. And I figure that if I get a few A-1 beers in me, I'll be more cheerful. I'm no expert on beer, but A-1 is brewed right here in Phoenix, and besides it's a Pilsner (whatever that means!).

Here we are, 3601 E. Van Buren. I see that they also sell ABC Supreme beer. Maybe I'll try that, too. What's this? Are you interested in Greyhound Racing? Maybe we'll go there some day.

Barkeep! I'll have an A-1, and the same for my friend here! Nothing but the best. Let's toast to a great day in Phoenix!

The Aztec Court, next to the Gay Inn in the 1940s, 36th Street and Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona.

Photos from the McCulloch Photography Collection at ASU.

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  1. An Uncle of mine worked at the A-1 Brewery ,starting about 1949 ,for many years even after Carling bought them out. Carling continued brewing A-1 for a time but changed it up so it did not sell more than the Carling Labels. I no longer drank A-1 after the change.