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Fishing in the Grand Canal in 1896, Phoenix, Arizona

Let's go fishing. We can go to the Grand Canal, which has been there since 1885. In my imagination it's 1896, so all we need is a fishing pole, but we could do it IRL (In Real Life) today, in the same canal, but we'd need a fishing license. Oh yeah, and a fishing pole, I don't have one. Can I borrow yours?

Yes, there are fish in the canals of Phoenix, and there always has been. The water comes from the Salt and Verde rivers, which are created by snowmelt up north. And while the water is cleaned up and purified before it's ready to be used in the bathtub, it's still just river water. With fish. And this water has flowed through the Salt River Valley for over 10,000 years, since the end of the last Ice Age.

I've always been fascinated by the canals of Phoenix, and I've followed them from their beginnings to their ends. Grand Canal begins east of the Salt River Pima Indian Community, which is east of Scottsdale, and ends west of the Cardinal's stadium, in Glendale. Well, the canal ends there, but the water continues to flow down the Agua Fria River to Tres Rios, and then into the Gila River, and to the Pacific Ocean, south of Yuma.

Walk with me. I want to sit on the banks of the Grand Canal. Here, I'll carry the fishing pole. Do you have any bait? No? I think there are some worms in my garden, I'll dig around a bit. It's such a beautiful day here, I can't think of anything more peaceful than sitting and fishing. Except for the worm, of course!

Thank you so much for fishing with me on the Grand Canal!

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