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Visiting the Exalted Mystic Rabboni in old-time Phoenix

I've been reading about this psychic, the Exalted Mystic Rabboni, in the newspaper, and I think that it would be fun to go visit him in 1909. Come on!

Let's see, the address is number 10 N. 2nd Avenue. I think we can walk over there, it's 2nd Avenue just north of Washington. Since it's an even-number address, it's on the west side of 2nd Avenue. Let's go over there, and while we walk I'll tell you what I know.

First of all, he's a psychic, which is also a palmist (you know, a palm-reader), and a clairvoyant. From what I understand, he guarantees to tell you the object of your visit, all about yourself, your friends (that's you!), your enemies (I don't have any enemies, do you?), your social and financial condition, and exactly what you wish to know.

Apparently he's always giving correct advice in full on business, speculation, investments, insurance, changes, travels, love (stop that giggling!), courtship, marriage, lawsuits, separations, wills, deeds, mortgages, patents, calims (calims, I think he means claims?), collections, etc. He is a benefactor of humanity, giving instant relief to those in trouble.

Yes, I'm getting to that! What is more beautiful than the true, unblemished love of one person for another? What is sweeter, better or more to be desired than perfect harmony and happiness in married life? Yeah, I'm single, too. OK now, do you contemplate any important change?

Let's see, his hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, so he should be there now. Looks like the price is "50 cents and upwards". I wonder if he'll charge us the fifty cents or the upwards? Looks like he invites young and old, rich and poor. At fifty cents he must not get a lot of poor people visiting him! It's 1909 and I can get a good meal for a quarter. And yes, a shave-and-a-haircut for two bits, too!

Well, that was fifty cents well spent. Like the saying goes, know thyself!

From the Library of Congress, 1909, Phoenix, Arizona.

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